Our Background

Bali Hair started as a trader named La Lady Hair in Hair Extensions in the early 90's from South East Asia to mainly Europe and South America. After learning the trade for more than 20 years we knew it was time to start our own production. La Lady Hair opened its factory in Indonesia in 2013. Our head office however remains in The Netherlands. 


We started our sub-company Bali Hair to be able to supply direct to salons without them having to deal with high quantity orders and massive competition from online stores. Most important we know what top quality means and what salons expect from us. Our head company La Lady Hair focusses only on providing Raw Virgin Hair to factories that wish to make their own products.


In 2018 we switched from using Human Remy Extensions to only Virgin Remy. This is the highest quality in the hair trade.

Best Quality, Best Price

The real challenge lies in making the finished product for the global market. Many SME's get into trouble by importing hair from different countries and making deposits to untrustworthy suppliers. 


This is where we can use our knowledge of the market and our position in the market perfectly, since we have agents in Europe, North America and Asia/Middle East. This makes it much easier and faster to communicate with potential clients because we’re close to home and we understand the western market.


Working with foreign suppliers can lead to certain risks and it would be impractical to book a flight abroad each time a problem arises.


European suppliers on the other hand don’t carry these risks however they tend to be a lot more expensive.


We collect the hair ourselves, produce the hair extensions and sell directly from factory to salons, traders and factories all over the world. This the reason we have unmatched quality for an affordable price to make sure salons and traders can fit in high margins and provide high quality hair to their customers

Get in touch with us through our various contact channels and we will gladly assist your business.